I Want to See a Gender-Swapped Version of Every Movie. Literally Every One.

If when the first ghostbusters movie came out and a little girl asked: “can girls be ghostbusters too?” Me and almost everyone I know. almost. Would have said “of course sweetie” I understand that the lack of women portrayal in movies during the last 30 years might cause you jealousy or whatever and you want your “childhood repared” as if someone broke it and that is why you are not too much on the side of making ORIGINAL movies. But the original movies of today will be the childhood of the people in the future.

Now remember, nobody owes you nothing. Want to make a movie with a strong female character? Do it, dont demand it on a list and just say “this is what i want, I am sure someone else will be able to do it.

Nobody ruinied your childhood intentionally or just by making a movie they saw fit, movies are fictional points of view. I remember the movies i didnt liked as a kid or felt uncomfortable watching… I didnt saw them, thats it.

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