My first LSD trip

Half a tab. half the time. In theory. The whole square is supposed to last about 12 hours, I didnt had that much time and 6 hours seemed enough. Cut it, place it in my tongue and forget about it for the next 20, 30, 40..oh shit.

I had done things before. Cannabis a couple of times and salvia divinorum once. That last one tirp tale is for another day. I had done my research, knew the history and the effects. (I knew the effects in the same way you know before going up a roller coaster that the trip will get you dizzy but it is until you get the experience that you “know” that feeling personally.)

I had seen interviews and read how people tell their LSD experience: the colors, the breathing forniture, the “tingly feeling”. I wrongly thought that I knew how it was going to be.

No you dont see triangles and boxes of colors floating around, not even unicorns or dragons. I remember how as I bited an apple at my house and was staring at the window beautiful tones of red appeared around it. A growing feeling of happines was felt in my chest.

Going down the roller coaster, kissing a girl, running from your mischief, going beyond the limit in your car, bike, jumping from a plane, taking LSD. you name it the feeling is the same just at a diferent level. That feeling was “being alive”

I spent the next 6 hours excited about the idea of being alive, drawing and listening to music mostly. The thing about music when tripping on LSD is that you dont only listen to it, literally your whole body feels it viving around your skin, your mind comes up with a new perspective about sound and see waves of it manifesting right in front of you.

So may songs I wanted to listen, so many books I wanted to write, feelings to express, ideas to draw. A new life to start. I am not sure if it was in the last hour or at what time because I didnt had an exact medition of at what time I ate it, it started or anything, but at the very last couple of hours when the effect was still there I couldnt help to be anything but excited for being alive and the days to come. The simple idea of me being still in this damn world and all the possibilities at my reach made me as happy as ever.

Curiously you dont need LSD to think about that, but pheraps yes to feel it, if that is the case.