5 Tips For Writers Who Are Just Starting Out

In today’s world, there is no better way to get attention on your art than it is on social media. Social media is becoming a real thing. The saying “it is just the internet” simply does not apply anymore. Social media platforms are providing the opportunity for people to make a career out of their passion simply by being entirely dependent on the platform. It is free. It is easy to use. And it has the whole world’s attention on it. There is no better time to get into it than right now.

1. Content Is Everything

First things first. Your content is the whole reason why you started writing, don’t forget that. People tend to get caught up with the number of followers they get, the number of likes on the post, instead of focusing on what is truly important – content. Before anything else, work on your content. All of the followers and likes come later.

2. Provide Value

The best way to determine a good piece of content, is the value it provides. What are your readers getting out of it? It could be something that they learn. It could be something that they can relate to. It could be something that provokes a thought in them. If you want to get an audience, you need to write for the audience.

3. Work On Presentation

It’s not just what you write. How you write makes a difference too. The first basic rule is to make it easy to read. Forget about using fancy fonts or feeling the need to have a fancy background behind every piece of writing. If your work can’t capture someone’s attention at first glance, chances are they are just going to skip through your post.

4. Use Simple Words

The point of writing is to make a point. The way to make a point is to help people understand it. Stop using big words in your writings and trying to make it sound more complicated than it actually is. Big words are good for school when you are trying to ace your English class. Outside of school, your average reader is not going to Google something they don’t understand. If they can’t understand it, they skip it.

5. Have Your Own Style

Be unique. In a world where everyone is putting out content, the best way to stand out is to stand out. Use successful profiles as a guide to inspire you to come up with your own style, not as a formula to success. Do something that is different from what everyone else is trying to do, while providing value and having a good presentation at the same time. By doing that, you step aside from a competition where everyone who is trying to be each other. Having your own style will help towards your marketing moves, and to your new audience, you won’t be just “another page” that is merely the shadow of a more successful one.

In the world of social media, it takes more than just a good writer to be successful. If I have to break it down, I would say that it is 30% writing skill, and 70% marketing skill. Being good at writing will not help you to get noticed. But being good at marketing is how you get the attention. And having good writing skills is what helps you to scale with the attention that you have acquired.