No amount of technology can replace the subtle skills of a great teacher.
Automated Teachers, Augmented Reality And Floating Chairs
Erick Alexander Fletes

I too agree that Mr Chivers has presented an extremely plausible proposition for education in the classroom in the coming years. There is no doubt that audio/visual stimulation is becoming a larger part of every child’s life from the moment they enter into this world.

But in application I wonder how the most important phase of classroom teaching evolution will actually take place. Remember ‘we learn to read in order to read to learn’?? All our children’s assessments are based upon reading standards currently — if you read well it is assumed (dangerous) that you learn well because you are learning from books.

So will the same concept apply for A/V — if you play video games well you will do well in the new classroom teaching structure? Will we have to teach the children to unread, will it be Martin Luther all over again (only joking:) -but we are talking about a huge revolution in learning but we want to control it in an evolutionary fashion in the classroom.

One thing is for sure……………there will be fallout and unfortunately it will be the children that don’t adapt easily to the new methods! Imagine this, a remedial class for excellent readers who have poor audio/visual skills and are graded with C’s.

The more things change…………the more they stay the same (Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1849).