I was recently at a house party where a group of guys referred to a soundproofed recording studio in the basement as “the rape room”, like forty-five times.
To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me
Laura Munoz


It saddened me to hear about your issues with the men you meet — but it seems from your story that places you frequent have men who have a predilection for misogyny e.g. sexual inuendos and rape fantasies. The term misogynist is mistaken by many to mean hatred of women, but in fact the word (from the Greek) is better used to describe an intense dislike of women that demands action. That dislike usually stems from certain men feeling inferior to women (most bouncers do the job NOT to punch people but to oogle attractive women from behind a rope) and in order to ‘even up’ the playing field, sexual comments are uttered in a vain attempt to show interest and even ‘test the water’. The house party you attended really bothers me the most as a recording studio is just that and the fact that a group of the guys kept referring (in their juvenile fantasy minds) to ‘the rape room’ leads me to a single conclusion for all of the above……..change the places you go to and the people you hang out with because you have obviously outgrown them all!

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