You’re on an adventure. This is what you wanted, and you’re doing it. It’s not about the stories you’ll bring back or the bragging rights you’ll gain. You thought it would be about those kinds of things, but now you see it’s about something completely different.
Go to the Fun Countries
Ben Thomas

The concept of adventure sounds fun, but remember the ‘adventure’ can turn nasty if the adventurer becomes ‘over confident’ in the game. Understanding your role and boundaries in ‘the game’ is extremely important to insure that traveller well being feeling. Even a fun country can very quickly become a ‘non fun’ country by a personal interaction that is exceeded through a misguided, inexperienced response. Remember you are a visitor to this fun place and act accordingly,

It is not about being macho in a foreign country but as the author says ‘alert’. When you are alert EVERYTHING around you becomes more focused and as a result one can cope with any potential issues.

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