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What a crock of shit! You guys will go to any length to protect a defender of child molestation, married to an impeached sex perverted philanderer, yet make a big deal about a sneaky recording, of a private conversation, of a man boasting to another man, of his sexual “conquests”, as many normal “red blooded” American males do, and have done since forever. What a bunch of hypocrites and liars you are. Just look yourselves in the mirror to see what pathetic hypocrites you libtards all are. You condemn a man for doing what many of you libs do yourself, and condone through your actions and in your media circus. You pathetic bastards have suddenly found religion after murdering countless babies in the womb! Do you really think Americans are that stupid to drink your vile Kool aid that you espouse? Maybe the minions of ignorant sheep, that blindly follow your perverse ideology, that your media has brainwashed with a constant bombardment of episodes of sex and murder, and gangster rap demeaning women and girls, is your audience you are lying to. But if you have any semblance of a conscience, you know that your premise is false, and you are either in self denial or so in fear of a Republican, who knows your evil games and who may become your President, who will finally bring some sanity back to our Country that you have destroyed with your filthy politics!

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