I found this image here,

Sometimes I dive into a bowl of Cheerios, 
 only after gazing at those petulant circular oats
 bobbing helplessly along;
 I’m in no mood to devour my bowl full of delight, 
 as my stomach is soured like milk left outside
 forgotten on a sun soaked porch;
 Wheat germs in life preservers docked sinking
 within some plastic slightly deep dish vessels, 
 I can’t stand them solar crisped;
 The glee of clobbering them in their “o” shaped
 mouths, constant mocking wondrous gapes, 
 hold them under just a little longer;

Damn my feline “friend” for clawing my toes!
 Can’t sleep gasping and choking on humid air, 
 it’s like trying to catch a wink in a sauna.
 At least Senor Puss In Boots can smile now, 
 his belly’s full and he’s got the bed to himself, 
 little loving brat can sleep through anything. 
 ‘Grumble, grumble’, ah yes, my dear stomach, 
 my exhausted brain and haggard eyes drifted, 
 ‘mmm…the joy of slightly soggy Cheerios, 
 how they light an otherwise gloomy morning mood!

© 5 months ago