Your Complimentary Horoscope Predictions for 2018

The Universe Has a Message For You.

By the crackling sounds of fireworks and guns going off last night, the Great Spirit has alerted me that 2017 has ended and a new, fresh year has just begun.

With all new beginnings, now is the time to find a physical quiet space within your home to reflect and meditate. Burn some sage. Light a candle. Ring a bell. Prepare a Lean Cuisine whose sauce will rise up and transform into a delicious sodium-infused crust of debauchery. This is what the first day of the brand-new year is for. That and listening to the predictions the Great Spirit has in store for you.

Capricorn: Don’t answer that call, and don’t leave the house wearing that shirt with those shoes.

Aquarius: Someone will play on your insecurities about finding love very soon. Also maybe if you didn’t eat that last taco people would love you more.

Pisces: I’m not saying the relationship is doomed, but the auto-erotic asphyxiation you’ve folded into your cuddle time is not a win-win. Also shoes.

Aries: LOL. No.

Taurus: They say the man w/ one eye is king to the blind. They also say you are pure shit. Be the shit.

Gemini: That faked miscarriage is finally going to come back to haunt you, as is stealing that identity and moving to Wales. And NO she is not into you.

Cancer: It’s terminal.

Leo: Stop buying hats. Seriously.

Virgo: Just telling everyone you’re vegan doesn’t help.

Libra: You’ll receive good news today. It’s for someone else.

Scorpio: Someone is trying too hard. Someone = you. Also shoes.

Sagittarius: I just can’t.

It’s 2018. Change is inevitable. Embrace or rebel against it, but either way your Lean Cuisine is ready.

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