I Took The Leap

This feels strange…1st time blogger here.

So what’s next? Obviously hit the “publish” button but then what?

How long do I have to wait before someone actually reads this? Will someone click on the little heart or leave a comment? If they leave a comment do I have to reply back? How long will I have to type, delete, retype, delete, new topic, delete before I finally feel like I’ve got something good?

Starting to feel the vibe now...This is kinda dope actually. It reminds me of freestyling in basement of my house as a kid ya know? Dark, ugly carpet, cement wall with posters of Pac and Biggie taped up. This little $20 RadioShack mic my uncle got me and a ton of instrumentals cued up and i’m just flowing…yeah it feels a lot like that.


I was by myself then. Now it's all out there for the world (or Medium readers) to see and I just can’t help but wonder…who wants to rock with me? A dude from Flint, Michigan (yeah the Flint, Michigan with the fucked up water) who left to find himself (aka college) and even as a grown ass man, is still searching.

On second thought I know why people would rock with me (i’m actually a pretty cool ass dude), but it’s still weird to me. All this social media, tweeting, posting, blogging, instagramming…I mean I get it, I know why people do it, but it just feels so foreign to me cause I never did it.

But fuck it, i’m here now…