Neon Genesis Evangelion main character psychoanalysis; Why Shinji Ikari is so weird?

Rei, Shinji and Asuka [behind; Eva Unit 02, 01, 00]
Neon Genesis Evangelion main characters
Gendo Ikari; Shinji’s father (Left) Shinji Ikari; Evangelion main character (Right)
A famous Gendo’s pose
Yui Ikari; Shinji’s mother and Gendo’s wife
Misato, Asuka, Shinji, Rei, Gendo and Ritsuko (Gendo’s mistress; does not much affect Shinji)
Rei Ayanami and Yui Ikari share similar facial appearances
Shinji has to pilot the Eva even he is not willing to do it but he can’t stand seeing his father uses severe injured girl as a pilot.
Proud and confident pilot
They become Eve and Adam in the new world.
Some example of defense mechanisms
Psychosexual Stages of Development
Denial; using earphone to escape the surrounding and reality
Shinji was force to kill his friend by his father even though Gendo have just save Shinji’s life. Shinji threatens to destroy NERV as his projection said that his father is bad instead Shinji did nothing but to let thing worse first.
His best friend almost dies
The legendary scene with the use of displacement
He masturbates over a topless comatose Asuka body
Displacement by choking Asuka
Displacement by strangling Asuka again at the end of the story
Gendo abandoned young Shinji: the orgin of his Oedipus complex
Gendo smiles after seeing Shinji suffers, first meeting in 3 years; what kind of father is he? (Oedipus complex)
Oedipus complex
Oedipus complex
Oedipus complex
Shinji feels guilt after his father will use injured Rei as an Eva pilot
Elevator scene 1; Oedipus complex
Elevator scene 2; Oedipus complex
Elevator scene 3; Oedipus complex
Elevator scene 4; Oedipus complex
Shinji sees Rei and his father talk to each other
Rei smiles while talking with Gendo
Gendo also smile back at Rei
Shinji shocks and envies Rei, he want his father to treat him like her.; Oedipus complex
How Shinji treats other girl; Genital stage fixation
If Shinji does not have this fixation, he doesn’t have to wait until Rei says so
Want more evidence about Shinji fixation?
He doesn’t know how to deal with opposite sex properly
Instead, he tries to steal a sleeping Asuka but he stops after she talks in her sleep about her mom
Shinji’s mood was killed
His foster mom offers him a sex after one of his love interest suicide
Look at how he refuses
His adoptive parent’s comment
This quote represents Shinji’s unsatisfactory relationship due to genital stage fixation
As I state in her profile above; she has existential problem and usually deal it with sex
The kiss from foster mom
She kisses him to repel Shinji’s suicidal thought
Too bad she dies after this kiss
Shinji’s reaction after the kiss
Evidence that Shinji passed oral stage properly; breastfeeding by his mother
Yui really takes a good care of Shinji when he is in anal stage
*Warning: a lot of bloodshed
Hideaki Anno, the director of Evangelion franchise who had suffered four years of depression and passed on his experiences into Evangelion

Shinji’s personality has been shaped these psychological problems and cause failure to interact with others. That’s why he is so weird, he did nothing wrong at first because his father’s parental role is so wicked.

If his mother had not died in the experiment, Shinji should have been had healthier mental state.

Happy little Shinji with his mom, Yui

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