The Glass Lake House

We live in a shattered world. Our neophyte minds see a broken mess of pieces of a world that needs glued back together. It is not an illusion to understand that something is wrong with our world and something must be done to fix our world. It is time for all to make sacrifices necessary to bring about change and time for all to strive to overcome the splits and differences in our world that split us apart. Throwing stones at each other is not the solution. We must all come together and search out and create positive solutions to our differences and provide positive outcomes and ignite a torch that would mold our world back together.

Scriptures tells us that we are to strive for the mastery and through doing so we will inherit a crown of life. It is time to stop wandering in the wilderness of nagging and complaining about the reality of our world tossing us to and fro, a world with mastery over us; it is time to turn the turn the tide around understand that we are all called to be masters of our world and not vice versa. If we do not like the world we live in we must first accept the reality of it as it is, no matter how painful the truth may be. Perfect love casts out all fear of the reality of the world. No matter how painful the reality of the world is, as long as we have love we can overcome all the pains. We must wake up and through the eyes of love, take action over our world and not go back to bed to escape reality. Remember the old saying, “You snooze you lose”?

We must each individually and collectively use our time, money and talents to unite in love and change our world together. If we each individually and collectively could do this, the broken pieces of humanity would all come together. Once we stop throwing stones at each other and stop creating more shattered pieces we will come to a realization that the old order of self-destruction is not serving us. When we do this, the glass lake house of planet earth that has been shattered, will all start to come back together. It is time to get the glue of fiery love out and refine the glass pieces back together. When love leads us farther along, the masterpiece of planet earth will be restored back to the beauty it was created to be.

It’s time for our world to be nursed back to peace health and find that perfect peace of God’s love in our lives, families, communities, organizations, governments. of the world. We can individually and collectively unite and pick up the pieces of our world that have broken off from an original masterpiece throughout the ages of time and then piece those pieces back together. The world that we live in right now is a façade of what our original world was at the beginning; it is not the original masterpiece the Master made in the beginning. Man is the corrupted art thief and has made multiple fake duplicate alternate realities of the original planet earth. The original masterpiece of earth has been corrupted down through time and we now are only slivers of the original reality and truth as it was in the beginning.

We must all individually and collectively come together and punch those fake plastic bubbles in time that hold no true value or purpose in helping us grow and build each other up. Once we all take our masks off and are ready to recycle our fake, plastic junk, then, at that point in time, we can put the pieces of the original puzzle of truth back together and restore our world back to its original art and beauty.

The time of the dawn of the new heavens and new earth is breaking. Old things will be passed away and all things will become new. Just as prophecy foretold, the new law of the love of Christ is being ushered in. We must all get over our own petty, selfish and egotistical ways and reach harmony and balance and equality within ourselves and among all brothers and sisters here on earth. We must understand that within each of us is a book of truth that got mixed with errors down through time and that if we dig down deep enough we can pull ourselves together and learn from our individual life path and from each other as well. When we do this we can put these pieces of truth together.

Albert Einstein once wrote, “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the universe.” We must all understand because we are just mere neophyte humans, we are all just stupid animals and that not one single person on earth is infallible. We ALL hold truth and we ALL hold error in us. We are descended from an ancient Creator, but descendants of a Creator are replicates of the original Creator; replicates are fake images of an original truth, an original art that got mixed up with errors and fallacy. We have descended to a place of rock bottom but if we humble ourselves, we can ascend back up to the place where we first started and become our own original creations as we, through God’s love, create a new life in ourselves and the world around us. We must toss out the errors in each individual worldwide web of lies within ourselves and then once we all do that we can toss out the errors of the worldwide web of lies across our planet.

Moving forward together will create a new world where we can all shine together as translucent and clear diamonds reflecting the prism of the rainbow of life’s colors when held under the light of the love of God. We must break free from our old selves and our old lives and old way of thinking. Going forward, prison bars will come open and we will find freedom.

Freedom is not free, we all must make unselfish sacrifices, love ourselves, stand up for ourselves and then learn to love another, seeking equality and justice for all. We must, out of the diversity, find the unity in life, or the common truths or threads in the fabric of time that unite us together in love. Then we must take those truths and piece them together, create a new diversity in a new unity. Freedom is finding the unity in the diversity and then taking that unity and uniting the diversity to become universal in a multiversal world spread out over time, space and reality. Once we do that, truth and justice will prevail. The light of love will shine so translucent and clear that we will shine as the lighthouse on the hillside of Mt. Zion that overlooks life’s sea.

In time, the glasshouse masterpiece of planet earth will reach across the cosmos, swallow up the darkness and send out a universal message of hope and love as it lights the entire universe in fiery flame. It’s time to stop producing fake replicates of ourselves, take our masks off and go forward, continually making new crystal and original diamond masterpieces as we pass through the next bubbles in time. We can dream with our eyes wide open and we will have no need of sleep. If we don’t like the way our world is, then we can do something about it. The sky is the limit. Our creations and music will be so beautiful and so true that the entire universe will start replicating their own original creations after our pattern and all will be singing our song with us. It’s the dawning of a brand new day, let’s create brand new in every moment and seize the day.

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