Climate change, Global warming and tremendous natural calamities are shaking people year by year. It killed thousands of lives and damage properties. These are evidences that the world is giving back to human’s negligence on Earth. Many disasters in the past years proved that they are extremely damaging.The production of greenhouse gases affects the ozone layer by thinning it and gives so much heat to the earth. Several landslides from big elevated places are caused by irresponsible mining.Floods in urbanized areas are getting more destructive during rainy seasons due to clogged canals and drainages. Flood also brings diseases to human.That includes leptospirosis as the common one.There are times that the weather will suddenly shift,from sunny to rainy and vice versa.Seasons in our country is not exactly as how it should be. If we are to dig deeper the reasons of these alarming situations and changes, We,people, are to be blamed. Who throw garbages that block water passages? It is us! Who are the ones manufacturing and burning plastics?Who cut trees and destroy the once peaceful nature for commercial industry and housing? It is us! Our world is changing and Globalization is rapidly moving. But can we just do our simple way of slowing Earth’s devastation and preserve the nature? Can we keep ourselves as the stewards of what God has given to us? I know we can if we will.Let us help nature for our own good and for the benefit of our future generations.