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Now, it is my understanding that Assisted Suicide will be banned in the states that allow this dignified departure from a painful life. Assisted Suicide must be allowed! It is not Genocide, it is the kindest gesture to be paid to a person at the end of their life. As a Registered Nurse for 27 years, I have been present at many deaths. Thankfully I chose Gerontology, for a specific reason, as a mother of 3 I was never able to embrace Pediatrics, I learned early on in nursing school that it was not my forte.

Being in Long-Term Care Administration for 15 years, watching my own mother dying with Hospice present in then same house I still live in, because I took the time off to care for her, leaves me with a peace of mind some do not have.

We have the foresight to put our precious pets out of their misery, why not our human loved ones?
Veronica McDowell, RN, NADONA, AALNC 5/25/2017

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