Podcasts: The New Workout Playlist

Photo: Julia Caesar

Music will always be a classic workout motivator. There’s no denying that there will always be a playlist that’ll make sure you keep working on those calf muscles.

But, shaking it up every once in a while isn’t that bad!

I’ve been partial to turning to podcasts while I’m imagining that I’m running from a pack of wild animals that want me to be their next meal.

The beauty of the podcast community is that there are tons - and I mean tons - of different genres, lengths, and subjects of podcasts to choose from. I, personally, enjoy a very wide variety of podcasts.

So, here are a few nifty podcasts to get you started (in no particular order):

1. Not Too Deep - Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig embodies everything I admire: dry humor, comedy, and scratching the surface. In this podcast, Grace interviews a guest with questions that have no personal depth. Great for anybody who’s looking for a laugh.

2. Offcamera - Sam Jones

Have you ever imagined what a simple, casual conversation with your favorite celebrity would be like? Sam Jones makes that dream a reality in this podcast. Guests include Will Ferrell, Kevin Bacon, Cindy Crawford, and Rashida Jones.

3. She Didn’t Text Back - Daren VonGirdner & William Haynes

The iconic (to me) rapper and comedian best friend duo sit down for an hour to talk about life, aspirations, and occasionally freestyle. These guys are my go to when I’m at work because they bring a bright and entertaining light to my tedious office job.

4. Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates

When you’re looking for a discussion between four knowledge filled members of the USA in a debate setting, this is the podcast for you. Intelligence Squared talk through today’s important and most controversial issues, and it’s one hell of a ride.

5. Black List Table Reads

Now, this is a unique podcast that I love. A group of actors sit and bring a screenplay to life. It’s a wild ride, and completely worth your time. The scripts are split up into four parts, equaling one screeplay per month. Keeping up with it each week is completely worth it.

Go ahead! Pick one, two, three of the podcasts to get yourself started. Listen to it while driving, working out, walking across campus, or trying to fall asleep. You may be surprised at how satisfying it is.