Craig Wright is a very important figure in the cryptocurrency market. Indeed, he claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator himself. But it seems that he has been accused of copy-pasting a ‘Hello World’ program.

Calvin Ayre, an affiliate of Craig Wright, owner of CoinGeek, decided to respond to an article related to Vitalik Buterin that urged the BCH community to ostracize Craig Wright. However, Mr. Ayre said that Wright has 20 different degrees and that Vitalik only one.

In order to defend Vitalik Buterin, the user CowOperate said that Vitalik is capable of coding a ‘Hello World’ program. And Craig Wright did not take long to enter the conversation and gave an answer to CowOperate. He answered that he taught C7C++ and MASM and included a picture of the code.

But the conversation and discussion did not end here. Another user called Laurent Raufaste (@_LR_) said that Wright copy pasted the code. It seemed that the code, except for some changes, was copied from a ‘Hello World’ tutorial for the UNIX assembly programming.

These kind of programs are very simple and aimed for beginner programmers. Most of them are trying to learn a new programming language. If code is correct, it would be displaying a message that says: Hello, World!

This is very important because Craig said in the past that he was Satoshi Nakamoto. Some individuals are now wondering whether Craig would have been able of writing a complex code as the one of Bitcoin.

In the past, Craig was accused of plagiarizing. Some reports say that he took most of the mathematical formulas in his paper known as ‘The Fallacy of the Selfish Miner in Bitcoin: An Economic Critique,’ from a paper titled ‘A strong limit theorem on gambling systems,’ written by Wen Liu and Jinting Wang.

Apparently, Craig took the equations and whole sentences from the paper without providing information about the authors or giving credit to them.

Vitalik Buterin has also said that Craig was a fraud and asked how he was allowed to speak at a conference held in South Korea.

Until now, Craig Wright did not give any comment about the accusations of plagiarism.

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