On the Bundestag anti-BDS resolution

There’s nothing new under German sun

ronnie barkan
May 17, 2019 · 2 min read

Today’s Bundestag resolution is no more than declarative (not that I mind if they legislate against us and then we publicly violate their law and challenge it in the European court, but this is still not the case).

Die Linke party - which represents the greatest force within Germany that’s working against Palestinian rights - naturally wanted to join the resolution against equal rights in Palestine but were rejected by CDU party who refuses to be in coalition with them within the Bundestag.

By having the entire Bundestag vote in favor of falsely equating BDS with antisemitism (three motions have been voted on - with each group promoting its own version), this sends a green light to real antisemitic elements in Germany and beyond!

Here is a short chronology of Die Linke and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Die Linke’s public relations wing) assault on Palestinian rights:👇

• Die Linke’s racist and antisemitic statement of June 2011: https://bit.ly/DieLinkeRacism4 [DE original]
https://bit.ly/DieLinkeRacism4_en [EN translation]
• RosaLux Stiftung publication of the same, June 2012: https://bit.ly/DieLinke7
• Israeli citizens denounce Gysi and Die Linke’s support of apartheid, June 2014:
https://bit.ly/DieLinkeen [EN original]
https://bit.ly/DieLinkede [DE translation]
• Gregor Gysi confronted about his racism in Tel-Aviv, June 2014: https://bit.ly/DieLinke2
• Denis Goldberg, anti-apartheid hero, endorses BDS at the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung HQ, May 2016:
• Die Linke’s racist and antisemitic motion of May 2018:
https://bit.ly/DieLinke4 [DE original]
https://bit.ly/DieLinke4_en [EN translation]
• Die Linke submitted motion 19/10261 to the German Bundestag - equating opposition to Zionist crimes with antisemitism - and unanimously voted in favor, May 2019:
https://bit.ly/DieLinke10 [DE original]
https://dip21.bundestag.de/dip21/btd/19/102/1910261.pdf [DE original]

[above is also listed in the video description]

Explaining the sinister role of DIE LINKE and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung at a BDS demo outside the German Bundestag. 28 June 2019.
DIE LINKE members vote in favor of their racist motion 19/10261 at the German Bundestag — attempting to criminalize the struggle for equality in Palestine, aka Israel. Not a single voice of dissent was heard among the self-proclaimed German left. http://bit.ly/DieLinke10

ronnie barkan

Written by

✊️️️ a privileged Israeli-Jew living at the belly of the #apartheid beast * demand equality! no less! * bit.ly/jtvdebate2 * bit.ly/IsraeliNationality

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