German police assaults 3 Jews in Berlin, IsraelTag 2019

Oh Vaterland, haven’t you learned from your past??

German police assaulted 3 Jews in Berlin for their opposition to Zionist crimes. This took place during the Israel-Day (IsraelTag) Nakba celebrations which took place in Berlin on May 10th, 2019.

Opening words for the Nakba celebrations were given by the Israeli apartheid ambassador Jeremy Issascharoff.

During the arrest there were numerous violations of freedom of expression, including two incidents of police gagging of a demonstrator. The second incident of being gagged — by policewoman #34310 — was in response to the demonstrator insisting on discussing Israeli crimes against humanity while he was in handcuffs and under German police custody.

In additional, the Facebook live stream documenting the entire incident was removed by authorities — erasing evidence of German police wrongdoing — as the demonstrators were still under the police responsibility.

#BDS #Humboldt3 #apartheid

Facebook live video of the incident was removed by authorities
IsraelTag 2019 program