Recently Launched: Shop Small Saturday Year-Round With Peddlir

Shop Small Saturday: the one day during the year when supporting local businesses becomes a priority for many Americans. They’re the lifeblood of our communities, but small businesses face real challenges to turning enough profit, and one shopping day per year won’t sustain them. The biggest obstacle is exposure. How do you spread the word and reach your customers when the big guys take up so much of Google’s search real estate? Customers are ready and willing to direct their dollars to their neighbors, but it can be a challenge for consumers to find businesses too, whether due to a weak online presence or the convenience of choosing a bigger retailer.

Enter, Peddlir. It’s the first all-local platform for small businesses to “peddle” their wares.

Founder Ronnie Deaver noticed years ago that there was a big problem in the small business community: the fact that a nice website wouldn’t automatically bring in the revenue or get new businesses noticed.

“The biggest flaw in SEO? That regardless of how much effort you put in, there’s no guarantee that it’ll ever pay off and even if it does, it could take months or years to get to a useful ranking,” — Deaver says.’s study of search traffic certainly backs this up. According to their research, the top 5 websites in search results averaged 67.60% of all clicks from organic searches, with websites further down the list scrambling for the scraps. Second page listings? Barely a blip in traffic.

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Peddlir offers small businesses an alternative to the expensive and often frustrating struggle of trying to score one of those top spots with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking and digital marketing. Bringing together businesses and members of their local communities who want to shop small year round, the Peddlir platform offers listings for local businesses and a marketplace for their wares. Offering convenient options like same-day local pickup and standard shipping, customers don’t have to struggle to find what they’re looking for.

Businesses are eager for a new way to gain online exposure and new revenue sources. Adam Hirsch, from The World’s Only Curious George Store, a prominent Boston-area small business on board with the Peddlir platform, explains why he’s so excited about this new opportunity:

“Now that everyone is shopping online and getting attention on Google is a constant struggle, Peddlir’s concept has the potential to give us increased exposure online as well as bring in the local customers we care about. It was a no-brainer to give it a shot!” — Adam Hirsch

Peddlir currently offers local pickup and shipping for businesses in the Boston metro area, but plans to expand to other cities in the future.