Vipe Desai

We had a guest speaker yesturday in Digital Marketing, his name was Vipe Desai. to say the least this man was very intriguing to me. his story was one that i could only wish would ever happen for myself. after graduating college, without even knowing it he would be a big presence in the marketing world for extreme atheletes.

Vipe, after purchasing a surf shop, hooked up with Volcom clothing in 1991. with this they created a partnership in starting a surf/snowboard competition which was picked up by espn to become the X games. similarly he did the same with another company incorporating music creating what became vans warped tour.

it is the most interesting to point out from what was heard, Vipe almost had no idea of what he was doing to get to where he was. though he didnt really specifically say when his great moment of realization occurred, he still kept finding himself with amazing opportunities falling into his hands.

Vipe had brief stints with redbull and monster, helping each company turn around some of thier shortcomings respectively. After this time, he then took on multiple board of director rolls serving as an advisor with his background in marketing.

Vipe now is concentrating in the business of products and no longer servics. his newest venture is HDX Hydration. a sports drink that helps extreme athletes with their recovery while doing something positive on the environment. Vipe concluded that “whats the point of having a healthy planet, if the planets people aren’t healthy. the same goes, whats the point of having healthy people if the planet they live on is not healthy.”

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