Success leaves clues.. Here’s 6

So, in my humble opinion success starts in the mind. To put it simply.

1.For an individual to become “successful” he must accept that this is even a possibility. After the acceptance of this new future he must put goals or dreams or desires in place. Once these are in place he must work backwards and figure out what needs to take place in order to achieve these goals / desires. Once a “clear” plan is in place he MUST execute.

Annnnnnd that’s about it. In a nut shell this is really all it takes to go from zero to hero.

2. It get’s tricky when “life gets in the way” as some might like to say. I feel that life never really gets in the way. It just happens, as life tends to do. An unexpected accident, a death in the family, a business shutting down, someone stealing from your company, etc… These things happen simply because they are un calculable variables. The trick is to expect for things to happen or for set backs to come your way. The point is to bulletproof your success by preparing for the worst and hoping for the best; risk calculation.

3. Given that life will happen it will lead into the second reason why people don’t succeed. A lack of understanding on how much time it will take for your goals to be realized. People go “all in” with their plans working day and night for months on end only to get discouraged that their goals haven’t come true or they are disappointed by the results they’ve experienced thus far. Patience… Not only patience but calculated patience is needed. Plan ahead, forecast how long you think it will take to introduce a new product into the market place, how long it will take to build a brand and create a following, analyze your progress CONSTANTLY and readjust you timeframe according to the response of your audience.

Ex 1: A new product is introduced at just the right moment when the general public as a whole is desiring a change or an effective solution to a problem that your new product “fixes”. Well, chances are that product is going to perform and sell better than the competition for several reasons that you had no control over other than when the product was introduced.
Ex 2: Same product, different time frame. Either too soon or too late to introduce to the market. Too soon, not as many people feel that your product fixes a problem, one they haven’t experienced yet. Too late and you are now competing with other products that “fix” the solution.

4.There seems to be a capping point with a new product. A bell curve effect. That rush of interested clients and unprecedented growth in a company or product all because of a new product that “fixes” an existing solution. That cap is based off how many people have sought a solution and for how long the problem has been experienced. Once the new product is introduced to the market it instantly gains traction and explodes beyond expectations. I feel that’s because people instantly associate an elevated value on the new product because of the length of time they’ve experienced said problem…Make sense?

This surge will continue until the product effectively reaches the majority of people who’ve experienced this problem and then cap. Your goal should be to look for these potential peaks, the unfilled solutions and unsolved problems. “See a need, fill a need.”

5. The separation between the successful and the unsuccessful increases as time continues. The moment you give up or accept a failure as fact, you’ve lost. You are now telling yourself that your goals are no longer important and that you are now comfortable where you are in your life. If you are truly happy, cool, then stay happy and do THAT. Essentially, you’ve won! Maybe you didn’t need all the massive goals to be truly happy.. Maybe you figured out what was sincerely important to you along your journey in achieving your goals. Be happy with that.. it’s ok.

6. IF, you tell yourself that your constant efforts are getting no where and that you should “just accept” things the way they are, well now you’re giving up. Instead, try this. Work backwards. Recall why you started this journey in the first place. Did you get off track? Did your perspective change yet you continued to pursue a goal that suddenly no longer matters to you? Analyze, pay attention to what you get excited about & constantly re adjust to stay on track.

If this has been helpful in any way, hit the heart.