One question I had that I found really interesting, was how do you get your work, your product or your writing up to a point where you know it’s good enough to release?

I’ve been asked that before. And in fact, when I was starting out in business and creativity, that question used to keep me up at night. It would torture me, it would chase every scrap of inspiration and motivation out of my head. I couldn’t get away from it.

How was I supposed to know my work was good enough? I used to compare it to the people I tried to emulate. I used to compare my blogging, my product design, my writing, my personal website, even the sound of my voice when I recorded a video, to people who had been doing all of this for years.

That’s not an unusual thing to do. We all compare the work we’re doing to the best work in our field, and when we recognize that it’s not as good, we get incredibly down about our work, and we freak out, worrying that it sucks. Well I’ve got good news for you. It probably does suck.

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