“Why? Should I Go See It?”
Erin Ramsey

For anyone bemoaning the dearth of badass (and not overly sexualized) women protagonists, I’ve come up with a short list, just at the top of my head of movie recs.

1) Hermione from Harry Potter
2) Salt (other than the thong on the camera thing)
3) Dead Knight (not one, but two badass women of color in Jada Pinkett Smith and C.C.H. Pounder!)
4) Terminator 2 
5) The Hunger Games
6) Mad Max: Fury Road
7) Haywire (she literally just beats up dudes the whole movie)
8) Hannah
9) Kill Bill
10) And I know she’s not the star, but Hit Girl from Kick Ass has to make the list

Obviously we still need more, but they are out there.

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