Swipe Fatigue: How online dating is failing us
Jasmine Sachar

I honestly assumed the beginning was a joke; an illustrationof an absurdly one-dimensional millennial that we all laugh at in movies.

I thought the rest of the piece would be a refutation of such shallow “requirements” in dating, so we would be open to all types of people, but no. You are serious, so serious that you did not catch the cognitive dissonance of your purported desire for a “deep and lasting connection”, while simultaneously rejecting a conventionally perfect guy because he sleeps in his car.

Did you ever think to ask why he slept in his car? Did it cross your mind that, for example, his mother got cancer and he had to sell his house to pay her medical bills? Or his apartment burned down and he lost everything?

Luckily, you are very young, and hopefully you will eventually develop ethics and depth. Of course, most likely you and other commenters will accuse me of sexism or jealously- but the reality is I would rather take a power drill to my left eye socket than spend 5 minutes with such a vapid personality.

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