You can tell easily, when a cop shoots a Black person, good shooting or not they are all over the…
Louis Weeks

That’s not the entire black community, that’s a small portion of it. Just like the alt right is not the whole white community, but a tiny faction. These generalizations are inadequate, just like when black people say “all whites are racist”. It may feel good to vent, but does nothing to improve the situation. I believe mainstream media profiting off our divisivness is one of the biggest culprits.

Many black folks know the rampant violence in some of their communities, hence the myriad organizations/articles dedicated to rectify this problem:

This is a tiny sampling. If this is isn’t front page news, don’t blame millions of people, blame CNN or Fox news. What about white on white crime? I’d love to hear from you what you are doing to combat that in your community, and what organizations you are involved in.

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