To the Children of the World

To the Children of the World

Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, grow up

Seriously, ever

You are spring bloom, shooting upwards, pushing the sky away

Even though I know it feels more like you are on the rack, being pulled apart

The adulthood that you grasp so tenaciously for

My walk, talk and behavior you seek to emulate

Trust me

It can wait

Let it sit outside, ripening in the dark

For when it comes, you will not don it like a tailor made suit

It will descend like a flock of birds

And you will not be able to see, or breathe in the flurry of confusion

Until they depart south for the winter, and you are left

In tatters

Fun becomes a curse word

Or something one must save year’s worth of salary for

When in this moment you can conjure it up from thin air

With nothing but your vivacious, charged, glorious mind

Other people become mere sources

Of lust

Social mobility


Instead of


Kings & Queens

Alien Robot Avengers from Jupiter

Maturity is overrated

And just between you and me is actually a code word for “jaded”

With an extra helping of bitter on top

Don’t parrot our clenched jaws, hunched backs, hurried gaits

Revel in your naivety

I wish I could still even pretend to believe that the world is a beautiful place

And to all the kids, who, like me, had their childhood snatched out from under them before the time was right

Don’t ever stop fighting the grip of the ragged claws of resignation

You must shoulder this pain

And I wish I could say it gets easier

But the truth is sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t

The world isn’t the black and white, good and evil of our Redwalls and our Lord of the Rings and our Narnia’s

I’m sorry you had to discover that at such a green time

But you can still burn brightly and use that fire, even when it scorches you, to light the way for everyone else

So, dear little ones, ask your silly questions, break all the rules, laugh until you ache and when you replace me and I’m an old codger you give up your bus seat for

Keep that little kid sparkle tucked somewhere deep inside you

And don’t let anything snatch it away