Bernie Attacks Your Identity: Destruction of the Left
C. S. Cooper

Unfortunetly you, like the majority of Democrats, missed the point. I know calling out old white men is all the rage (and most of it is justified), but the hallmark of progress is taking folks as they are, for their merits, not discriminating against them because they themselves have a history of discrimination.

Sanders point needed to be said, and while I’m not surprised by the blowback, I hope when the dust settles people will see the truth in his words. Democrats used allegations of sexism as a hammer to bludgeon Sanders surpporters with. The false narrative of the Bernie bro is a good example. It served to obfuscate legitimate issues with Clinton as a candidate. Sure, there are virulently misogynist asshats out there, but they are blessedly small in number. It also served to distract from the revolution happening inside the Democrat Party, an exciting movement of young and old, all races, genders and sexualities who are fed up with the status quo and string pulling of the deep state. The dismissal of the millions of us has signaled the begininng of the end of the Democrat party, for if you ignore almost half of your voters, eventually those voters will go elsewhere. I personally went to the Greens. “Pie in the sky”? Hardly. You mistakenly assigned Sanders platform to Clinton and seem to forget it was the sheer size of his suporters that pushed her to the left. In any other established society, she would be center-right.

No one should use gender, race, sexuality or anything else as a selling point- and the lack or percieved lack of certain demographics in a field is irrelevant. Unless of course we’re talking about a specific orginization, like a black women’s sewing circle or gay seniors union.

At the end of the day, we should quit putting so much emphasis on representation. Not everyone is going to look or behave like us. I myself have never been even remotely represented in media, politics or elsewhere, if I consider superficial things like race, gender identity and class to be “me”. But I don’t. I care about policy. And I don’t give a toss if the right candidate is an old white guy or a Samoan gender fluid pansexual Wiccan. As long as they get the damn job done.

Sorry for the length, I can never be brief!