Beauty is as Beauty Does

While in the drive thru at MCDonald’s this morning getting some hash browns and an orange juice, I was asked to pull forward up to the door so someone could bring my food out once it was ready. I realized that I didn’t ask them for ketchup and salt which were the seemingly necessary condiments for my pursuit of momentary happiness by way of Mickey Dees (no that is not the proper noun of the establishment, but it is commonly used) hash browns. That would mean that they would have to make an extra trip upon completing my order; the worries of a mildly considerate psyche.

After about four minutes a McDonald’s employee, a slender young African American girl, appeared outside the door and handed me my food. I then asked her if she could kindly bring me some ketchup and salt, justifying in my head moments prior that it’s her job to ensure I have a relatively pleasant and delicious experience. She repeated back what I asked, and without any hint of an attitude walked back inside.

It was then out of thin air I pondered of potentially brightening her day. I wondered if she would be pleased to hear that she was beautiful. If it would make her smile. It was then that I began to think deeply about the meaning of beauty in general and if she was truly beautiful. I recalled the way she looked and the way she must of smelled as I believe myself to be a hyperosmic individual, and thought that maybe she isn’t beautiful, that maybe she is the furthest from the very definition of the word right now in her McDonald’s uniform.

A moment later the door reopened and the slim young lady, with her crooked McDonald’s visor, walked up to my door and handed me the packets of ketchup and salt. I grab the items, and as she turned away and grabbed a hold of the door handle returning inside I exclaimed a quick, "hey!" She turned around, and in my least sleazy, most genuine way of communicating, I simply said the following three words: "you are beautiful." It was at this moment that all ridiculous doubts about if she was in fact worthy of my stupidly pretentious, immature, and superficial inner dialogue of judgment instantly dissipated as the smile on her face from ear to ear revealing every bit of whiteness upon her teeth, and the greater joy that appeared from the deep extremity of her soul left me feeling an indescribable type of warmth within and as a result of.

What I learned from these few moments of today, Thursday June 23rd from 11:08 to 11:14 is that as humans on this earth we can choose to do any number of things, act in any number of ways, and say any number of things to one another. If I would have said something nasty to that girl and called her ugly, I would of likely seen and potentially even felt the ugliness of her soul upon me. However I chose to do the opposite for whatever reason, and I got to see pure beauty and the joy it can bring when one person chooses to pay another a compliment and say or do something nice without anything in return. It is with this understanding and real world experience that I hope I can continue to act this way and be the best human being I can be; a man that can bring pure elated happiness and true beauty out of the many souls I will undoubtedly come across. I hope that whoever reads this does the same today, and gets to see first hand the joy that will likely come as a result of such glorious actions.

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