6 Useful SEO Plugins to increase Search Engine Traffic of your Website

Let’s know more about such plugins:

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast: It is Technically best platform for SEO. It has achieved 4.1 out of 5 stars. Yoast SEO plugin has lots of utilities, this Yoast SEO plugin takes care of all the technical optimization. Furthermore, it helps to write better content. This plugin give a leg up you to choose an exact keyword at the time of writing articles, and then makes sure you use keyword everywhere. Latest version 3.0.7 is also available now.
  2. All in One SEO Pack: It is very much useful to optimize WordPress blog for SEO. The rating of this plugin is 4.4 out of 5 stars. We can also touch up with Latest version now. All in one SEO pack has 1+ million users. It has been created in 2007.
  3. SEO by SQUIRRLY: WordPress SEO by Squirrly is the only plugin that permits you to modify content and measure its success. It helps to arrange or design, so that it operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible at the time of writing or editing. Optimized articles (with Squirrly) get +285% more traffic compared to the articles which is not optimized.
  4. SEO Friendly Images: It is one of the must have WordPress plugin for perfect image optimization. Compatible up to 4.1.10 with 200,000+ active installer. It automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes. In addition, this makes the post W3C/xHTML valid.
  5. Remove Query Strings: It is used to remove query strings from static resources like CSS & JS files and it will improve site speed. Resources with a “?” or “&” in the URL are preventing to be cached by some proxy caching servers. This plugin will move the query string and encode the parameters into the URL which will be help to increase WordPress site performance.
  6. Redirection: It is a WordPress plugin used to handle 301 redirection, get report of 404 errors and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. This is especially helpful if you are moving pages from an old website to new or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation. 2.4.3 version with many new features and its available in many languages also and best thing about it is it’s 100% free!

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