Top Technology for 2017

We welcome 2017 with a bang and embracing everything that comes specially the evolution of technology. What was your favorite last 2016 that gave impact to your life? I can’t even think specific technology, allowing the changes to flow and embracing the benefits we can get as technology continue developing

According to, below are some of the technology that dominate 2017

  • IoT and smart tech
  • AR (Augmented reality) VR (Virtual Reality)
  • High Tech Machines
  • Automation for Marketers
  • Humanized Big Data
  • Physical-Digital Integration
  • Everything On-Demand

These predictions can be determine anyone whose in the technology industry like IT professionals, IT decision makers, etc. Those are just few technology, there are still some more that will evolve, new technology which we think won’t make it but will give impact.