Accutane for Acute Relief from Cystic Acne

She could not understand why it was takings long for her acnes to go away. Sonya was 24 years old and for almost two years she was constantly getting an outburst of acnes on all over her face, neck and shoulders. She drank enough water, ate good and she did not smoke and drink as well, still, she could not understand how come it continued to grow. She was a confident girl and for almost two years she really did not bother much even though she continuously heard others asking her to visit dermatologist, but she did not. She tried Ayurveda but that did not work too. Being an active young traveller, she really did not bother much about acnes and all such thing. However, she started feeling bad when she was continuously nagged by her boyfriend for her pimples. She would try to make fun but slowly she did not like the continuous jokes about her pimple. Every time she touched her face, it felt like a crater rough and oily, she stopped looking into the mirror because all she could think about how to get rid of those acnes.

One day while returning from college, Sonya left for the hospital and went to dermatology department. Doctor prescribed her Accutane tablets for one month. She checked with the doctor about the functions of Accutane for acne removal. Doctor explained that this medicine reduces the amount of oil produced by the skin and is one of the most reliable medicines for acne symptoms. The unique mechanism of this drug helps in curing cystic acne commonly known as adult acne due to hormonal imbalance. Accutane is widely used for the treatment of severe nodular acne (also known as cystic acne), cynic acne. It comes from the class of retinoid and functions by reducing the facial oil known as sebum production. The higher amount of oil also lead to high level of acne and if it is left untreated, it can cause bad scoring on the face. Accutane is one of the most effective medications all over the world and especially recommended when other medications stop working.

She went to buy Accutane online to treat acne from Within few days of starting with this medication, she could see little difference as her oily skin became dry and after a week she experienced chapping of lips. She started drinking lot of water and made sure she kept her skin moisturised.

After one month her skin had improved a lot and acne was reduced down to just couple on the face. She went for her routine check and doctor observed the changes and reduced the dosage of Accutane. This medicine surely had few side effects like dryness and skin sensitivity but Sonya took care of herself and stayed hydrated. Soon, she could feel the difference as her face was clear and starting glowing. Though the treatment for Accutane is often long. One can expect complete change after nearly five to six months but Sonya held her patience and allowed her skin to recover as it was too long for her to live with acnes.