Información general en los primeros días y noticias para los inmigrantes en las siguientes semanas

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La crisis del coronavirus sorprendió al mundo y los periodistas no escapamos. Aunque desde enero comenzaron a llegar casi a diario reportes sobre el avance del virus en China, la magnitud de sus efectos agarró desprevenidas a muchas salas de redacción, que en cuestión de días vieron como la emergencia sanitaria se convirtió en la única agenda noticiosa y obligó a replantear roles, estructuras y la manera de informar.

Tan tranquilos andábamos que a inicios de marzo, la misma semana en que Estados Unidos sobrepasó los 500 casos confirmados, casi un millar de reporteros se reunieron durante tres días en…

Together, we can better reach local audiences, and report with depth and nuance in different languages.

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Recently, I was invited to talk about journalism and immigration with some residents of Palo Alto, California where I’ve been living for the past 10 months. At the end of my talk, one of the attendees approached me and asked, “How come I’ve read a hundred stories about how good immigration is for our country, but I haven’t read a single one about the workers’ struggle in Appalachia and how they are losing jobs to immigrants?”

I noted that the US economy is performing strongly enough, with the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years. And that immigrants often fill…

Together we could increase the impact of our work and the understanding of a human drama

March 4, 2019. A border agent speaks with a Central American boy who traveled with his family to request asylum in the U.S. The family was taken to a processing center in Juárez-El Paso./ Photo courtesy of Almudena Toral.

Immigration has been a controversial topic throughout most of U.S. history. The fierce debate of the last four years has become distorted with strong rhetoric that benefits politicians and powerful groups and institutions on both sides of the ideological spectrum. Nevertheless, the failings of the country’s immigration system remain almost intact.

There has been new interest in covering immigration by large news organizations in the U.S. Just days before Trump was sworn in as president in January 2017, The New York Times opened positions to strengthen its immigration team, acknowledging that “no domestic issue will be more essential than immigration…

Words that reminded me of what’s important in life and journalism.

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I’ve been living through one of the most intense periods of my life.

I accepted a job in the United States, left Costa Rica, and moved my family to Miami, where I created a data journalism team at Univision. The team’s first assignment was to cover the dizzying and unconventional 2016 presidential campaign.

As part of our work, we launched Detector de Mentiras, a Spanish-language fact-checking platform. I also worked on two global investigations that helped change the way collaborative journalism is done. I traveled to Madrid to accept an Ortega y Gasset Award, for best multimedia investigation, on behalf…

Las elecciones presidenciales –con la irrupción de Donald Trump y su uso indiscriminado de mentiras en público– han sido el punto de quiebre que visibilizó y está afianzando el trabajo de los fact-checkers o verificadores de la verdad de los discursos políticos, especialmente en EEUU.

Es tanto el trabajo que el candidato republicano les da a los fact-checkers, que Univision Noticias aprovechó la coyuntura para reunir del 18 al 19 de octubre a representantes de 11 organizaciones periodísticas de EEUU e Iberoamérica para juntos reflexionar sobre nuevas fórmulas, narrativas y metodologías para aumentar el impacto del fact-checking político en la…

Ronny Rojas

Costa Rican. Investigative journalist @newmarkjschool 2019 John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford U. Before: Univision, OCCRP, La Nación. @ronnyrojas

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