My ghost story is of a Man who is very tall and wears a hat. He’s a nice ghost. A few years ago I he tried he helping me. I don’t know how, but he does not scare me. I feel safe. Now i am worried he’s going to be homeless because rumor has it they are flipping the flats! The people who move in my not get the same feeling from him. I hope he doesn’t start slamming doors when I leave. The hall he walks through everyday will be gone, and rooms he walks in and out of will be gone. He’s a watcher. I was worried about the ghost , but I worry whats gong to become of him. Do ghost just accept the that time passes by? Do ghost get angry when you destroy the only thing they have and know in there ghost memory? The ghost in my flat knows he’s dead. I am sure of this.He’s nice.I never believed him to be my angel. I just know he’s tried helping me. I know he has, i can scents it, the feeling that comes over me when he in m room is a Safe. I think of him when ever i am home. The roommate i can’t see. He does not bother me. I wish i could take him with me. He’s been more of a friend to me then anyone I know who is alive and ˈcon·scious. I am dressing up for Halloween as a ghost because of him. Hallow eve will be a fun one this year.