Why America Hates Black People That Take A Stance
Louis MQ Byrd

Colin Kaepernick has the right to sit during the national anthem. I have the right to not watch or support the 49ers or buy any product he indorses. 
Now with that out of the way let’s talk about your overall theory of whites in general hating blacks who take a stand.
I for one have great respect for any man who takes a righteous stand. Who believes in a cause and supports it with his word and deed. Example Martin Luther King Jr. or his niece Dr. Alveda King even Mohammed Ali all put their lives, money and reputation on the line for their cause.
However I do not respect a person that only offers lip service to gain some sort of favor or make money off the plight of others. Good example Dr. Jessy Jackson or Al Sharpton and I believe Colin Kaepernick. What has any of these men done to help the plight of those they claim to represent other than lip service and make money for themselves.
You say in your writing “Our country is supposed to be about liberty and justice for all, but we have to stop talking about it, pledging to it, and start to actually live it and ensure that ALL are included. Once we get to that point, I believe that is when America will finally become great.” Is this not what Kaepernick and even yourself are doing, just talking about it.
If you want change in anything, you must take an action, not just talk about it. Take the Martin Luther King approach, get others that agree with you and get on the street and make it happen peacefully. You will not attract people to your cause with violence like Black Lives Matter.
The other thing I would say is don’t expect me or anyone alive today to feel guilty for the sins of our ancestors. My grandfather was a share cropper and part time worker in a lumber mill and most likely never saw a black man in rural Indiana at the time. I will not burden myself with guilt only because I’m white.

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