How to Create An App Nobody Wants To Use.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

I think if you take your points one step further you’ll find that LinkedIn’s problem is permanent and closely related to why authenticity and recruitment are mutually incompatible.

Due to automation & contracting out, the recruitment system is completely, utterly broken. It’s somehow become perverted so that the primary task of a recruiter is to eliminate candidates for a position. Any expression of individuality is punished by deletion from the applicant pool. So why would anyone willingly establish an authentic presence on LinkedIn? Most profiles I see look like they were curated by a commitee of a dozen HR consultants.

I actually have a few friends who have two distinct personas, where the bland FB & Twitter accounts are referred to in their LinkedIn profile and the real ones are search-engine deoptimized. LinkedIn will remain a slick fancy version of, which I suppose is fine because no one likes Monster or Indeed either because their UIs are so clunky & amateurish.

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