The“Women in Tech” movement is full of victim blaming bullshit
Sarah Nadav

You have to realize that these are deeply, deeply stupid men. Being a top-notch software developer or having a PhD in computer science does not mean they’re bright, by which I mean perceptive, insightful, and having a broad range of knowledge. It just means they’re persistent and at least moderately intelligent.

And one of the popular misconceptions in the US is that anyone who has made a ton of money is ipso facto a genius — it’s never a matter of timing or luck, so not a lot of self-reflection going on here. Also, they’ve lived in a bubble all their lives, and some are probably on the asperger’s spectrum. It’s like talking to a brick wall.

Unfortunately, until the upstream investors, the actual source of the money, are shown that the dealflow gatekeepers are doing an inadequate job, nothing much will change. And the data to show this is often proprietary or difficult to gather. So either someone needs to get access to selection process vs outcomes data, or we have to wait for a consensus to emerge that VCs staffed by dudebros miss half the available opportunities.

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