The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

I am not necessarily against curbing the sales of assault weapons to individuals (still allowed for army and law enforcement), but I would make an argument objectively and honestly to do so. To paint the picture that making guns available to citizens is the cause of the deaths of over 300k Americans over the decade ending 2013 is at best misleading.

Are most of those gun deaths caused by gangsters? — no. What about the racism that so many would like to paint American’s with? — no. Oh I know, it must be criminals, right? Wrong. Between 60% — 70% of those gun deaths are perpetrated by the victim — suicide. So ban assault weapons to individuals — I am at least open to that argument. Thinking that getting rid of all gun sales though is foolish, misleading and intellectually dishonest.

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