Don’t you just love it when a new business opens up and announces, “Hey there, we are fresh, new, and want to offer the world something insightful.” Then when we all run in to find what is so exciting and different, we bash them with reviews or by not returning, because they are not like what we are used to.

A lot of us hate being PC-politically correct, but then that is exactly what we expect and if we don’t get it, we cry out their names in slanderous insults. How dare they say or think something different?

We say we want variety, but we only want slight variations of the norm. We don’t want a whole new approach, we want a twist to the old tried-and-true.

One of my pet peeves is everything being about New York City, where the national news, finance, marketing, TV, and book publishing is mostly centered.

Nobody but them made them the masters of great thought-thinkers AND they tend to do a lot of talking to themselves. They keep saying the same old things. Wonder how bubbles get made?

New York City

I have watched TV off and on for many years, and can’t get over the myopic view of the world that the world revolves around New York City. All of us know the composition, their subway system, the hierarchy of their police force, who the mayor is, the Rockettes, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Wall Street, Manhattan, the Yankees, the Mets, the Knicks, all these we know, whether we want to or not, because 90% of all TV coverage is about these finite, unique Americans that happen mainly in this ONE city of 8 million people in the contrast of a country of 310 million plus.

Is it a budget issue why producers can’t go somewhere else? Do they not like to drive? I know the subway doesn’t run to Cleveland, but the highways and aircraft do.

Is it a creative issue? Is all they think about is where they live? What about the rest of the country? What about actually doing something different or have a new location for a change, instead of the same old tired NYC?

If these creative types were so creative, why can’t they come up with something new, OUTSIDE of New York City. That is why there is a huge attraction and market for things not-New York City.

A change of venue definitely helps to make them different. Shows, such as Longmire, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, Miami Vice, the original CSI in Las Vegas, CSI-Miami, Code Black, Grey’s Anatomy, Duck Dynasty, Flip and Flop, and many others, had an immediate appeal. They were NOT in the same old place, run by the same old people, trying to make a newer hip version of Seinfeld or Friends, but in Albuquerque, Chicago, LA, or Seattle.

I stumbled across a great website a few years ago, called Business Insider and liked it immediately. It is not all business-related, it was a mixture of business, politics, tech, clothes, self-help, relationships–a lot of things.


Then I started to notice, the same tired scene. The views they expressed, the opinions they had, is what they thought was new and original, what they found interesting, what they thought we would have an interest in, because they thought of it from their viewpoint–in New York City.

Many of their topics, articles, and headlines left me scratching my head as I wondered what kind of world they lived in until I realized it was New York-ec(centric)ity.

Tried-and-true attention grabbing headlines were such as, “I Tried Waking Up Earlier and Was Amazed at How Productive I Was,” when they started getting up earlier. To them, that meant at 6 a.m.


Are you kidding me?

Ninety-nine percent of the rest of the world has been getting up at 5 a.m. or earlier their whole lives, and so have their kids, and you, the guess-where-they-live-city-dweller who wrote this piece discovered six o’clock.

How crazy? No wonder you are now more productive.

Another title stated “You Have Been Tying Your Tie Wrong Your Whole Life” and then proceeded to tell me how to do something I have been doing for 45 years and that I was wrong.

Get over yourself.

“These are the Best Desk Chairs Ever,” said another title. I guess this writer has my shape, my desk, my writing style, my posture and can make that call for me.

Can they guess my weight, too?

Thank you.

Or the ubiquitous title that starts out, “The One Mistake Everyone is Making…” I am so glad they were able to connect with everyone and find this universal truth out.

Why is it universal? Because it was found by someone in New York City! Hurrah, we are saved from ourselves once again. Yeah!

I read the article. Now, I am one of the enlightened ones.

I just hope everyone else gets the memo in time so they can adjust their lives correctly and get in step with, wait-for-it, wait-for-it, drum roll–New York City.

The Oz to our life as putzes.

Thank you, New York City, for saving me–from me.

Originally published at RMA Spears.

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