Is everybody on Medium an expert on life? It really seems like it. Not that I hate people trying to be positive or anything, I mean it’s nice to know that you guys care, and I think this, and sites like it, offer us a glimpse of the future of writing and literary communication. The only problem is my timeline is flooded by 20 and 30 somethings (sometimes even high school kids) telling me about how they know that I’m living my life incorrectly.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m 100 percent sure that I am NOT living my life 100 percent correctly, but are we sure these people are? What exactly makes everyone a life expert at this point. Can we start to look at these more as an opinion piece than something billed as a seemingly expect opinion? What makes you think, at 25, that you’ve unlocked life’s secret formula and must bestow it upon the rest of us earthlings?

I appreciate the sentiment with which these people are offering this life advice, and I’ve felt the urge to give my own at times, but the fact that I don’t work under the assumption that there’s just a ton of people out there who want, no, NEED for me to explain how to them how to live has kept me from doing so.

I don’t want to be a grouch, or to disparage something that offers all of us the same opportunity to have our voices heard (something that took us millennia to create), but there’s a real danger to people masquerading as professionals or experts when I have no idea what types of life experiences have brought them to the point of extolling their wisdom upon me. While technology is bringing us closer to each other each day it’s also robbing us, to a certain extent, to use our “bullshit detector” software, which has been developed over our lifetimes.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that as media advances in a way that makes it inclusive to the non-professional it becomes more and more important to take every word with a grain of salt.