If ever there was market noise, cryptocurrencies take the cake. Anyone who has been watching the blockchain and cryptocurrency space for the past few years will tell you that the change has been phenomenal, especially in the past 6 months.

What was once a conglomeration of crazy theorists, small time enthusiasts and early adopters has become a bandwagon of self-proclaimed experts, reddit spruikers, and Youtube shills.

It is becoming more difficult to filter out market noise, with an endless supply of Youtube videos, reddit posts, Telegram channels, and Discord groups.

In this series I’ll be bringing together a snapshot of…

You’ve been diligently squirreling away a bit of each paycheck for as long as you can remember. But you’ve heard that your money barely keeps up with inflation in the bank, so what do you do with it?


Starting out investing can be a daunting and often overwhelming task. We’re talking about putting your cold hard-earned cash on the line. A wager, a gamble, a bet that whatever you have invested in will grow in value.

Unfortunately, most of us are quite risk-averse and the idea of ‘losing money on the stock market’ can be a scary thought. Especially…

April 2018. Everything seemed to be going so well. After a tumultuous 3 months to the start of 2018, positive sentiment and optimism was finally starting to return to the market.

First there was STORM. Then ELF made a run. Suddenly it was alt-season. Even Dentacoin boomed.

What does DENT even do?

Had we found the bottom?

Money began to pile back into the market and Bitcoin surged 50% over the month, bringing many alts with it. Was this the rally we were all looking for? Are we into the ‘disbelief’ section of the market cycle?

The bull run lasted exactly a month from the…

If you’ve ever discussed your cryptocurrency investments with friends or family, you’ve probably come across the phrase “That’s not investing, you’re just speculating!”

So what is the difference? Aren’t they one and the same? Does it really matter?


For most people, the distinction between investing and speculating comes down to the risk, reward, and time-frame.

Investing, by definition, is to:

“put money into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit.” — Oxford Dictionary

Investors are typically in it for the long game. An investment is supposed to be held for years or…

We all wish we jumped on the Bitcoin train back in 2013. We’ve all seen the ‘If you invested a dollar in Bitcoin it would be worth a million today’ articles.

That ship has sailed. The cat’s out of the bag. The beans have been spilled.

We’ve heard it all before. You missed the boat and it’s too late to get into cryptocurrency. After the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in December 2017, it would be stupid to jump in now right? …

Ron Tong

UX Design Student based in Sydney | Learning all things UX!

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