I had a terrifying nightmare last night. The news that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring triggered what I had long feared — a conservative Supreme Court would affect America’s laws for decades to come. Most likely for the rest of my life and half of my children’s, the progressive values I live by will be subsumed by new rulings that I fear will erase the civil rights gains of the last few decades.

Whether my fears are just the histrionics of a middle-aged progressive or become reality will play out in the future. Only time will tell.


It’s nearly one year out since I attended my first protest at the Philadelphia Women’s March. My wife attended the march in DC and I took my son and daughter to the one in downtown Philly. When I look back at the last year, it’s pretty amazing to see how much has changed. But I get ahead of myself.

Back in January 2017, I only knew two things:

I wanted to help save my country and I had no idea what that even meant.

The good news is that it’s one year later and I was lucky enough to befriend…

We’re near 100 days into Trump’s presidency and I can’t keep up with all the news. over the last few months I’ve heard some of the most inane PR spun statements from government officials that my head is still spinning. “Alternative facts.” Accusations that President Obama ordered wiretapping on Trump in his Trump Tower. US missiles launched at a Syrian airbase. The list can go on and on, but there’s a common theme of misdirection, obfuscation and outright lying.

It’s now April 2017 and I want to share a message of hope. However, I’m part of those continuing to protest…

Ron Vitale

Fantasy and sci-fi author, digital project management director in Higher Ed, runner, member of H-CAN that promotes progressive values, happy INFJ and dad.

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