Let me break down exactly how we’ve screwed over creative people.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

After going through this myself, I now have the opposite view in terms of my work. I only release on vinyl and charge higher price per copy for ltd runs, which increases the value and emphasises that it’s art.

I was a composer producer from 1990–1997 and watched the music business crumble in front of me. I then started a web design company only to watch web design become virtually free (wordpress, etc). Luckily before that happened we became fully fledged software developers, but even now software is suffering the same fate, it’s difficult to build in the UK and make a profit on a single project… it’s all about multiple small repeat revenues, which cheapens the industry — even software is becoming valueless.

I have partners who are in retail design… in the UK all creative work in that industry is generally expected FOC, all pitches are a lottery of who will profit from producing the items, the design is considered valueless.

One day nothing clever will be worth anything.

Luckily I made some decent decisions when things have been good so I’ll get by regardless.

I adore seeing talent in people, particularly when they harness it and develop it — and it and it breaks my heart when that wonderful gift goes to waste by not being valued, particularly when there are so many vile talentless chancers doing a lot better than many genuine creative geniuses.

Creatives, please regularly remind yourself that you are better than this. I’m sorry I don’t have a magic bullet.

Best : Ron


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