An Open Letter to the University of Pennsylvania Regarding Hate Speech in Our Community
IDEAL Council

Prof. Wax’s comments are not racist. She has not said that blacks or other minorities are genetically inferior or that they do not deserve to participate equally in society. What she has said is that certain behaviors will prevent the people who engage in them from succeeding in society, and that other behaviors will reward the people who engage in them with success. This is objectively true, and she has said nothing to indicate that she believes that there is anything that prevents people of any color or heritage to choose to engage in one set of behaviors and abstain from the other.

Additionally, her statements that certain behaviors that prevent success can be found in particular sub-sets of some racial groups is also objectively true. It is not racist to say so; she has not said that it is their race that causes them to behave as such, she has not said that all or even the majority of the members of any given race behave as such, nor has she said that such anti-success behaviors are limited to any one race. Indeed, she gives examples from multiple races including whites.

All cultures do not provide equal success, whether in a market-based democratic society or in any other! Again, this is objectively observable. It has nothing to do with racism, sexism, “homophobia” or any other -ism or -phobia you can assert. It is not “hate”. It’s the truth, and all you need to do to see the truth of it is to walk around with your eyes and mind open. Will you see racism if you do so? Why, yes you will. But you will also see people engaging in behavior that is self-destructive and is destructive of their families and community as well. It is not racism to point that out.

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