Exact Sciences employees, Scarlett Lee and Xavier Robinson, holding samples. Photography: Lyndon French

Colon cancer screening should begin at age 45, new guidelines say. During a pandemic, this at-home poop test has emerged as a key solution.

Compassionate use allows very sick people to get access to treatments that might help Covid-19 — but it’s complicated.

A photo of a bottle of Remdesivir.
One vial of the drug remdesivir. Photo: Ulrich Perrey/POOL/AFP/Getty Images

A new theory for Alzheimer’s disease is emerging, and at least one company is taking advantage of the new thinking with drugs in human trials

Illustration by Alexis Beauclair

In a new book, a prominent cardiologist argues that A.I. could fix our broken health system — if we get it right

Credit: Menno van Dijk/Getty Images

Liquid biopsies could transform cancer care as we know it

Illustration: Eric Petersen

Ron Winslow

Medical and science journalist now living in Mount Washington Valley, NH, after 33+ year-career as a reporter and editor at The Wall Street Journal.

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