“Knowing is not enough”

I love this quote. It’s simple yet delivers a tremendous message, one that is very special in the world of fitness.

The first part of the quote resonates with me as a coach, trainer, whatever you want to call me. I consider my job to be more than just playing Simon Says. I want my clients to learn, and I want to have an impact on their knowledge of health and fitness.

Life can change abruptly. Whether I decide to open a smoothie shack, move to space, explode, there will come a time when I am no longer available as a resource. When that time comes, I want you to be able to go through a dynamic warmup on your own. I want you to know how to modify pullups, do a proper pushup, explain to your family how to do a bodyweight squat. I want you to walk up to a barbell and know the points of performance of a deadlift, snatch, clean, and press. I want you to know the appropriate way to scale a workout if you’re sore, tired, exhausted or injured. I want you to be able to differentiate between soreness and injury.

Partly I want you to know all of this because of my ego. I want to be the one that you remember. But mainly because I care. I care, and I love fitness. I believe that a life that incorporates physical exercise will yield tremendous benefits, physically and mentally.

Serious business

The second part of this quote is an instruction for improvement. We are capable of greatness because we have passion. Unfortunately we are subjects of fear. It’s difficult to silence the little voice that echoes relentlessly in our head, soft whispers that keep us insecure and small.

Every mistake I’ve made has improved me. It’s not about willingness to succeed. It’s about willingness to fail.

Fail as much as you can. Fail because that means you are pursuing greatness. And as you continue to fail, somewhere along the way you will succeed. And you will repeat this process many times, each time becoming a stronger and more powerful version of you.

As you reflect on past versions of yourself you may smile. You may smile because you will remember the little voices in your head and the fear that they caused. You will remember overcoming the voices.

Stand tall and take a moment to appreciate yourself. Appreciate everything you’ve done, everything you do, and everything you will become.