Review : How Fast Game Graphics Improved

Super Mario Bros. 1985

In Pre-2000, most of the games on every platform were made in 2D like Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc. These games with their own unique playstyles and categories are actually beautiful those years. You, who lives back before the 2nd millennium, would play these games again for old times sake. Their style, the simple design you’ve never seen before, the complexity of patterns, they’ve made you excited and think “Wow, this is a great game”. They made you wonder and want to play it over and over again. Sadly, you won’t be seeing these games again, and you just can remember your moments while playing it.

Sonic the Hedgehog. 1991

Now, let’s move on to the not-so-old-yet games. In playstation one (PS1) era, games were improved one or two level ahead from before. Some popular games like Bomberman, Harvest Moon, and others were introduced greatly with their new playstyle. New design, visual effects, even stories were added to these games which made them really entertaining. Variation of controls are also the factor of fun to these games. Sets of worlds, variation of monster patterns, this is why you don’t want to miss anything.

Bomberman Party Edition. 1998

Are you still with me? Great! 
Because we are moving on to the second breakthrough, the playstation 2 (PS2) era. In this era, most of the games are in 3D which made them successful and popular to people. More realistic design, visual effects, completely change the last generation of games. More stories to enjoy while playing, sets of scenery, the more entertaining will be to these games. Go enjoy the whole game, as you dig deeper, desperate, wanting to know the end game will be.

Kingdom Hearts. 2002

We’re skipping PSP as it is only a portable console than PS2, no major changes to the design and effects. Now, let’s move on, all the way to the newest generation of games, particularly PC, PS3, PS4 games.

As you know, games this era are made in the whole different levels than before. Even more realistic design, characters, visual effects, magically made these games look like real life. By releasing boundaries inside game (open world), are fantastic ideas to be added to games. Like you have known already, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Series are the most successful of them all. Absolutely overpowered any games, GTA Series is the first successful one to introduced all kinds of new playstyles to us. After GTA Series, another popular open-world games like Saints Row, The Witcher, adds another kinds of magic to make the game even more fun.

GTA IV. 2008
Need For Speed (2015). 2015

Look from the other game categories, like Need For Speed and Crew (which is Racing games), are fantastic with their sets of track scenery, shiny cars, real car controls. And many more improved to these new games we seen today. There are also games combined with AR/VR Technology now, and you wish you will able to see what kinds of improvement next, to games years from now.

Pokemon GO (Android). 2016

Well, that ends my story this day. There are many things yet to know the history of games. Find out which era you think is the best one, the most reminiscing game you’ve ever played. Thank you for reading this, and please have a great day…

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