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When I was at school, the only thing I cared about was to learn how to write a computer program and to see it work. I hated to write, read books and speaking. As a resulted, I resorted to video tutorials more. I can count the number of times I stepped in the university library, they could be less than three times. All I wanted was to improve my technical skills of writing a good code that will run well. I made sure I teamed-up with that person who is good at writing things or speaking when it is time for course work and Projects. I did all it takes to run away from speaking, writing and reading.
After school, I come to the real world of working and starting business. I got the biggest shock of my life.

I was required to be extremely good at speaking, writing and selling. I was also required to be knowledgeable at many things. Meaning I have to read extensively. In-fact selling is the most important skill that will keep you in business and to be good at selling you must be good at speaking (you will make millions of presentations), writing (you will write hundreds of emails and proposals) and reading (you must be extremely knowledgeable about the industry you are in)

To be successful in entrepreneurship among the most important skill you will need, is to be a good communicator and the ability to sell. Without those two skills you are headed to failure. Your technical skills my not save you. To have an opportunity to showcase your technical magic, good communication is the key to that door.

You are going to be required to speak to people clearly and they should understand you and buy-in whatever you are selling or proposing.

You are going to be required to write down whatever is in your head. The way you write your emails and proposals will either earn you clients or chase them away. My first client asked me to send him a one pager proposal. I couldn’t believe someone asking me that.. How can I really make someone understand my solution in one page??

You will be required to be extensively knowledgeable in your field or career. Therefore you must read books. Almost every successful person either in business or career read books. If you are running away from books then you are running to ignorance that will lead you to produce mediocre things and do very many mistakes.

That school reading you did was just to preparing you to do the actual reading in real world.
So, to help myself improve my reading, writing and speaking skills? I join this club TFK READ WRITE CLUBS . In this club we read a book, write down important points discuss them as group and then make presentations. You will learn to read, write and speak in few days. When I joined i was very poor at reading, writing and speaking but now I have improved, I can write well even National papers publish my articles (though still improving), I blog here, I am writing a book and I am a public speaker. I speak about Startups and technology.

If you are interested in joining this club. Please inbox me. We meet every wednesday at Fairway Hotel Kampala from 6pm to 8 pm. Our reading sessions will soon be on Urban TV.

Hey! its completely free to join the club.

I am currently reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegi

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