sharing your business idea is good

Yesterday I attended a networking cocktail organized by Mr. Farid Karama under his mentor-ship program called FK Youth Mentoring Network(and for you seeking mentor-ship join this network, you wont be the same). I met many young passionate entrepreneurs doing amazing things especially in agriculture.

Networking session at FK Mentorship academy (photo credit: FK academy)

But one amazing thing that impressed me most and kept me smiling all evening was the way how youth were freely sharing their business ideas. After exchanging greetings someone will quickly dive-in to start a conversion about his business idea.

One of the strongest signals that you have a good business idea that will enable you build real business around it is. If people find it not worth stealing. In fact if you have a business idea and you cant freely discuss it with anyone fearing to be stolen, chances are you have a terrible idea.

If you are idea is good. Just know when you start. You will immediately get competition you cant run away from that. surprisingly those who will start later after you will do it better than you. google, Facebook, Instagram, iPhone, sum sang, MTN and hundreds more examples were not first in market.

It is not about who is first to start but rather who has the secret. That one thing or things ONLY you can see in that business no body else is able to see and Its ONLY you who can execute it better than anyone else in the world. Its about the vision you hold for that secret that no body will finger-out. its about you solving that problem excellently well that every customer who comes through doesn’t get a reason to go to your clown who copied your idea and leave your business.

if you have an idea and execute it poorly congratulations who have just helped someone to do it better and kick you out of business.

While working at Serena I encountered a very painful problem in tourism. It is very difficult to arrange last minute tour that is short and quick for guests. Its a nightmare. Most guests will come to me and say. “Ronald my flight is late what can I do in Kampala in 2 hours or so”. Helping that guest was very difficult. so I started talking to people about my business idea for almost two years now, I even send documents about my idea to people.

I am now on the journey to enable tourists arrange a tour in minutes and can do tourism even if they have an hour before leaving the country with a tourism app called Visipo ( we are launching in December. 90% of the way how I am going to solve that problem is people’s feedback.

so if you are interested in being part of Visipo team get in touch.

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