You can be a tech startup founder with Zero ICT background

Few days I go. I posted here on my wall. Reasons why you should start an ICT startup come 2017.

some of the important reasons are:-

1) The market has moved and it is online. Right now 11 Million Ugandans are accessing internet. That number will double very soon. imagine how many people will have internet enabled phones in Africa 10 years from now?
2) You need very little resources to get starting with an online service or product.
3) It’s very possible to take down a giant in the market.
4) If you successfully build an online service/product in Uganda, it can work well every where in the world. Facebook collects money from Uganda (I am not sure if URA tax them).
5) One service or product can unlock opportunities for millions of people. Imagine what Mobile money service has done? in the same spirit imagine if you have 10 services like mobile money spread in tourism, agriculture, education, health, public administration.. etc etc.

in a series of posts. i want to answer few questions or fears that are stopping you from actually going that direction.

Many times you have heard these buzz words. “I am developing mobile app to do X, “I am developing a website do Y”. “I have an app that works like Z”. “we have developed an app that turns water into wine hahaha”.

and your phone is equally full of apps that make your life simpler and easy. you must be thinking, I am not a software engineer, I am not techie, I know nothing about IT, I am not a computer geek. How on earth can i develop an app? how can i develop a news app to compete with daily monitor?

you need to know an app is just a tool supporting your business model. A way in which you offer value to your customers. basically an app or a website supports your business.

There are two different things. Building an app and building a business around the app.

Example. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to make it easy for friends and family to discover each other and connect. Therefore he built a website called to achieve that goal.

You don’t need to have a computer science degree or super computer programmer to be Like Mark..

All those “apps” you treasure are built by software engineers who turned entrepreneurs or hire people to help them. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg hired ex-google executive Sheryl Sandberg as COO of Facebook and Larry Page hired Eric Schmid as CEO of google. its entrepreneurs who build and run those “apps”.

You don’t need to be Techie, or computer geek. But you need the following:
1) a good business idea that is solving a painful problem.
2) deep passion of whatever you want to do.
3) ability to convince a software engineer to be your partner
4) Have entrepreneur skill-sets
5) Ability to convince people to invest in your idea.
6) Basic IT knowledge to communicate with your programmers
…. and others

A good example is Ensibuuko. This financial technology startup recently received UGX 1.8 Billion Uganda shillings from investors, was started by two farmers not computer geeks.

as the founder of the business aka “mobile app” aka startup. you are daily core roles will be:-

a) To put together a team of people to work on your vision
b) To ensure you have money that will keep you going until your business is self-sustaining
c) sales and marketing
d) you will hold the vision and mission of the entire business

You DON’T need to be a computer geek.

…To be continued