How to convert Raster to Vector

Graphics in computer comes in basically 2 forms, raster graphics and vector graphics. Raster will divide the image in to pixels. The more pixel an image has, the higher will be its quality. On the other hand, vector graphics will divide the image in to a set of lines which is also known as vectors. When we enlarge a raster graphics, the pixels moves away from each other and the image becomes blurry. While when we enlarge a vector graphic, the lines are proportionately lengthened. That makes the image large but without affecting or distorting it. That is the best thing happens to raster when you convert to vector, if you want to enlarge the image. When you convert to vector, the image will usually take less memory. That makes things easy for many graphic designing programs and applications.

Let us see how we do convert to vector and make the raster images useful for huge purposes like billboards, posters, logo etc.

1. First you have to select a program that will allow your raster to convert to vector. Professionals usually use Adobe Photoshop Illustrator to make this job done. It is not a free software. But a handy one. There are also many freeware which will convert to vector.

2. Now open the selected image in the program to convert to vector. You might be asked to select the format of the raster that you input. More usual formats are BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc. At the end of the file name, you will see it.

3. Different programs like Adobe Streamline and Illustrator has plugins which will help you to convert to vector in a very short time. But the manual or Live Trace is the most accurate and professional method. It can achieve way better result than any plugin can do.

4. Live trace will use 2 step methods to convert to vector. In the very first step, it will adjust the raster so that optimal tracing can be done. These adjustments are like adjusting the contrast or blurring the edges.

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